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Originaire de Sierra Leone et implanté depuis quelques années en France, Mos-B est un auteur-compositeur anglophone qui interprète ses chansons en s’accompagnant à la guitare. Il navigue entre différents styles, de la soul au R&B en passant par la pop-music, dans des genres qui évoquent certaines compositions d’artistes comme Mickaël Jackson, Lionel Richie ou Stevie Wonder. 



1000 MILES

by Mos-B

He is a young, creative and highly talented song writer, performing artist and entertainer. His career started when he wrote a song for his country Sierra Leone in 2001 'Sweet Salone' Which he sang for the then President of Sierra Leone "Ahmed Tijan Kabbah at his residence. He was later flown to Europe to sing the same song for 15,000 People in Five Cities in Holland traveling on a Helicopter, and sang a duet, and tour with Dutch's most famous Musician, Trijntje Oosterhuis. 2004 and 2006 for 20,000 People.

He was born in Sierra Leone to a musical mother and grew up with a deep thirst for making music. From his mother he learn traditional songs and listening a lot to the radio. He started making music and writing songs using drums, cups and such household utensils. He became obsessed with the guitar from the very first time he was exposed to one. To learn to play the guitar became
everything to him. The only person with a guitar was in another
village about 18 miles away. Normally that was a manageable
distance but he was only 14 years old and there was a civil war.
Reluctantly his parents allowed him to walk to
the other village every weekend to learn to make music on a guitar. A very focused, highly motivated and determined person. He rapidly learn to make music on the guitar but then he also realized that he needed to learn more. He moved to Freetown where he finished his basic education and completed a course in a Performing Art College, as a musicians. In The Netherlands he completed a B.A. IN MUSIC with distinction.
From those initial steps in his native village, the 18miles, and then Freetown, He has not only mastered the tools such as the guitar, but he has also become a maestro of creative and performing arts. He is now an established song-writer, artist and entertainer. This is the story of the "1000 Miles".

Mos-B journey that started in his native village in Sierra Leone has taken him through a thousand miles. The journey exposed him to different music worlds; shaped his music tastes, ideas, styles and have defined the distinctive voice and the feel good mood in his music. His type of music is a fusion of the rhythms, philosophies and lyrics typical of the journey. These are detectable in the rhythms and lyrics of the music - things which make his music sound warm, original and really fresh. Just listen to the tracks "Mr.Somebody", "Sweet Salone" or "Keep on keeping on", "1000 Miles" or "Your Love". You will notice that you really cannot easily classify these tracks

In any of the established music categories. The theme is definitely set. We sure will get more tracks from the thousand miles journey.The journey continues. He is increasingly featured on popular radio and TV channels and the press in Sierra Leone, the Gambia, France, Germany, Netherlands and has been featured on "The voice America Radio program in the USA. Mos-B is presently, performing and working on a new pop album PRESENTLY!

Mos-B is someone will be hearing more from!
  1. 1 OK LOVE 04:28 Info Buy
  2. 2 YOUR LOVE 03:57 Info Buy
  3. 3 MR. SOMEBODY 03:53 Info Buy
  4. 4 WHAT A DAY 03:44 Info Buy
  5. 5 1000 MILES 04:34 Info Buy
  6. 6 FEEL ALRIGHT 03:51 Info Buy
  7. 7 SHY GUY 03:23 Info Buy
  8. 8 TRAVELLER 04:03 Info Buy
  9. 9 KEEP ON KEEPING ON 03:32 Info Buy
  10. 10 STRONG 03:12 Info Buy
  11. 11 SWEET SALONE 04:02 Info Buy
  12. 12 NEW LIFE 03:30 Info Buy
  13. 13 MR SMEBODY (remix) 03:54 Info Buy
  14. 14 LET IT GO 03:26 Info Buy
  15. 15 ALL THAT I WANT 03:44 Info Buy
'1000 Miles’ is easily one of the most refined pop albums we've auditioned - with many songs exceeding conventional superlatives - and the title track is genuinely ready for radio greatness”

The Akademia Music Awards


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The "Internationales Stadtfest" (international city festival GERMANY) is on Saturday, the 04th of June 2016. It will start at 12 pm noon and ends at around 10pm in the evening.

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Rast'art Festival Rast'Art Festival #7 - 10,11 & 12 juin 2016 @Sannerville La programmation musicale:

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My excuses i made a mistake with the dates, the radio show with VOA is not this Sunday, but next week Sunday. I was too happy to announce, so please tune in 
Next week Sunday 5th June, the 10th and 11th of June my song "1000 MILES' will be aired on the VOICE OF AMERICA "Music Time in Africa"
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If you are in Germany pls come see me in Brucshal 4th of June live on stage with fine musicians
at 10 PM

In France at the International Rast'Art on the 10th June at 7pm in Sannerville                         


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Mos-B  will be featured on radio France Bleu!

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Mos B est enfin arrivé dans SCÈNE LOCALE et on a bien fait de l'attendre !En plus d'avoir la casquette assortie au logo Cristal, il chante bien !!! (Alix)

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